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Earthkwak Games' Privacy Policy


Earthkwak Games ("we", "our", or "Earthkwak Games") is a limited liability unipersonal company owned by St├ęphane Hulot, incorporated in France, with our main activity being developing and self-publishing video games.

Earthkwak Games does not collect, process or store any personal data from the user. We will never ask for a login or password, and the user will never transmit any personal data directly to Earthkwak Games. However, our video games run on the Unity game engine and use external tools (Software Development Kit, known as "SDK") implemented by advertising partners.

Which data is collected?

With your prior consent, advertising partners may collect and process the following data when you are playing our games for advertising purposes:

How is this data used?

The data that is collected through advertising partners SDKs is used to provide personalized ads to the user in order to provide a better experience.

When is this data collected?

Data is collected when you are playing the Android or iOS versions of the game.

There is no data collection on the console ports of our games or on our websites:

Personal data concerning children

Earthkwak Games does not knowingly collect or transmit any personal data concerning children under 16 years old.

Super Bear Adventure

Super Bear Adventure is a video game developed and published by Earthkwak Games for Android and iOS. Implemented SDKs depend on the version of the game, so personal data is not shared with the same partners.

Versions of the game starting from 10.5.0 onwards

In versions of the game starting from 10.5.0, the list of advertising partners implementing SDKs through the game is:

Versions of the game until 10.4.2

In versions of the game 10.4.2 and prior, the only advertising partner present in the game was Unity Ads.